Story and inspiration

Award-winning fine jewellery designer Julien Riad Sahyoun is a creative and emotive storyteller, and an artist of hidden depths. Each jewel, crafted in 18kt gold, tells a story. Whether communicating Julien’s passion to foster unity amongst people or reviving lost languages through secret Babylonian scripts, his are jewels that have meaning and call for a second look.

Growing up in Morocco, Julien was immersed in a rich culture of inspiring artisans, architecture and craftsmanship that fueled his creativity. As did his wanderlust spirit, which opened his eyes and mind as he travelled extensively. Matching his artistic abilities with a burgeoning interest in jewellery design and gemmology, Julien studied his craft at the renowned Gemological Institute of America in both New York and California. After honing his skills and deepening his knowledge, Julien made the decision to launch his own brand, JRS, in 2016. Today he continues to translate his passions and inspirations into jewels that speak to women and men with a similarly strong sense of style and individual attitude.

In September 2021, Julien accepted the award for Creative Jewellery Designer of the Year at the UK Jewellery Awards. This year he also became a finalist at the Fashion Trust Arabia. In 2019, Julien received two major awards: Young Jewellery Designer of the Year from UKJA and Designer of the Year from National Association of Jewellers.

He recently launched his first fragrance, O32, and a candle, which became a finalist at the Fragrance Foundation Awards in 2020. The unisex scent, which is inspired by travel and perfumed with rare ingredients from some of the world’s most far-flung destinations, is just the beginning as Julien continues to work on new infusions and build a lifestyle brand.

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